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Bestway 5016
Reference: 1921
Vintage knitting pattern, Layette including Matinee Coat, Dress, Bonnet, Mittens, Bootes & with Crochet Shawl (not shown), 18" chest 44" square for the shawl, which is crochet 4 ply yarn The crochet instructions for the shawl are in UK crochet terms. The pattern is show...
Bestway 534
Reference: 954
Vintage knitting pattern - 2 pairs of gloves (see photo below for 2nd pair) Fishnet Crochet gloves Original yarn: Coats Mercer Crochet No. 40 To fit: 6.5/7" hand Knitted gloves Original yarn: Pearsall's lightweight jewel rayon with a tension of 7 sts to 1"...
Bestway 827
Reference: 2802
A vintage knitting pattern for ladies ribbed stockings and gloves KNITTED ON 4 NEEDLES, The simple rib used for these stockings and gloves gives them the elasticity and smooth clinging, the gloves have stocking stitch fingers. Original yarn: Patons Beehive Fingering 3 ply, ...
Bestway 892
Reference: 791
Vintage knitting pattern - Ladies Button Up with Cable Stitch Panels 1 size: 34/36" bust 3 ply yarn will be needed to make this item. Circa 1940s
Bestway 961
Reference: 319
A vintage knitting pattern for a Lady's Cardigan for the fuller figure. 3 sizes: 40", 42", 44" bust Original yarn: La Laine Super Fingering 3 ply with a tension of 8 sts and 8.5 rows to 1" using no. 8 (4.00mm) needles. Circa 1940s Good condition for the age.
Bestway A1816
Reference: 0152
Man's Slip Over/Tank Top Slip Over/Tank Top 3 sizes: 38", 42", 44" chest 3 ply fingering yarn with a tension of 7.5 sts, 10.5 rows to 1". Work a tension piece to check you have the correct tension.
Bestway A1930
Reference: 2657
A vintage knitting pattern for a ladies open work moss stitch top, with choice of long or short sleeves, to knit in 3 ply yarn. Original yarn: Golden Eagle Polyknit 3 ply wool with a tension of 15 sts to 2", 10 rows to 1". For success work a tension piece. One size: 34" all ...
Bestway A2062
Reference: 0158
Fair Isle Sleeveless Pullover or Tank Top 1 size: 38"/42" chest Patons Fair Isle Fingering yarn with a tension of 8 sts to 1" and 25 rows to 3" over fair isle pattern. For success you should work a tension piece and match your given yarn tension to the one used above.
Bestway A2079
Reference: 2577
A vintage knitting pattern for two cardigans suitable for 1 - 2 years of age and to be knitted using a 3 ply yarn. Top Cardigan in fancy stitch is in one size: 21" all round underarms. Tension: 9 sts and 11 rows to 1" using no. 10 (3.25mm) needles. Bottom Cardigan with fair ...
Bestway A2133
Reference: 1133
Vintage knitting pattern, Small Girls Twin Set To fit 5/6 years old. One size: 26" chest Original yarn was 3 ply with a tension of 8 sts to 1", over st. st. and using no. 11 (3.0mm) needles. Work a tension piece and change your needles if necessary to ach...
Bestway A2133
Reference: 2856
A vintage knitting pattern for a small girls cardigan and sweater, both with simple fair isle edgings, Original yarn: Penelopes Melody 3 ply wool with a tension of 8 sts to 1", over stocking stitch and using no. 11 (3.0mm) needles, One size to fit: 26" all round underarms,
Bestway A2174
Reference: 2658
A vintage knitting pattern for a ladies lacy cardigan for the fuller figure, with ribbed shoulder yokes and using 3 ply yarn. The original yarn was Melody 3 ply wool. One Size: to fit between 42" - 46" bust. Tension: 6.5 sts and 9 rows to 1", using no. 9 (3.75mm) need...
Bestway A2270
Reference: 0116
Tea Cosies & Egg Cosy Cosy with Fat PomPom Top is in 4 ply yarn and is 11" all round the lower edge, 6" height. Cosy with Wool Flowers is in 3 ply yarn and is 14.5" all round the lower edge, 6" height. Cosy with matching egg cosy is in 3 ply yarn. The cosy can ...
Bestway A2465
Reference: 322
A vintage knitting pattern for a Lady's Twin Set. Short Sleeve Jumper and Long Sleeve Cardigan 3 sizes: 36", 38", 40" bust Original yarn: Lee Target Campanula 3 ply with a tension of 8 sts and 9 rows to 1" using no. 9 (3.75mm) needles over st. st. Circa 1940s.
Bestway A2490
Reference: 2518
A vintage knitting pattern for three different styles of vests for babies, to knit in either of two sizes, Birth - 6 months, or 6 - 12 months, and using a very fine yarn, 2 ply or 3 ply. 2 ply Vest To fit: 18", 20" chest. - tension is 9 sts and 12 rows to 1", using no. 11 (3.0mm) needle...
Bestway A2528
Reference: 1137
Vintage knitting pattern, Girls Cardigans in 3 Patterns 3, 5 & 7 years 3 sizes: 25", 27", 29" chest Original yarn: Penelopes Melody Knitting wool with tension 8 sts and 10 row to 1", over pattern and using no. 10 (3.25mm) needles. Circa 1940s/50s Good condition for the age.
Bestway A2570
Reference: 1913
Vintage knitting pattern, Matinee Coat, Cardigan, Bonnet, Bootees, Birth - 9 months old. Cardigan: 21" chest Matinee: 23" chest The original yarn used was 3 ply. Work a tension piece for success. Circa 1940s Good condition for its age.
Bestway A2598
Reference: 2808
A vintage knitting and crochet pattern for ladies gloves, knitted in 3 ply yarn or Lyscordet, Original yarn: Emu Botany 3 ply fingering and Lyscordet Knitting Cotton, Measurements are to suit an average size hand, The pattern leaflet is from circa 1940s/50s and its in good vintage condition,
Bestway A2602
Reference: 2709
A vintage knitting pattern for a baby or small childs hats/bonnets/hoods, Original yarn: for hats numbered 1 - 3 the yarn used was Patons Beehive 3 ply fingering and hat number 4 with he pom-pom used Patons Moorland Double Knitting yarn. Various sizes to fit ages 1 - 4 ye...
Bestway A2605
Reference: 0160
Man's Slipover in Three Styles Sizes: 38", 40", 42", 44" chest 22" length Original yarn: Penelopes W.B. Mardale with a tension of 5.5 sts and 8 rows to 1" over the pattern and using no. 8 (4.00mm) needles. Circa 1940s/50s