Argyll 247
Reference: 1878
Vintage knitting pattern, Baby's Sweater, Cardigan, Shorts, Leggings & Helmet, 16", 18", 20", 22", 24" chest Double Knitting yarn.
Bairnswear 106
Reference: 1886
Vintage knitting pattern, Baby's Wooly Outfit, 3 - 6 months. 2 ply & 3 ply yarn The pattern is very old and in vintage condition, with folds and creasing. The spine is fully intact and the instructions are clear. Circa 1940s
Bairnswear 1205
Reference: 1890
Vintage knitting pattern, Two Pram Sets, 3 - 12 months of age, 3 ply yarn This is a very old vintage pattern with some creasing and tears and a deep fold down the middle. There is also a sticker on the front, which would be hard to remove. Circa 1940s
An original vintage knitting pattern from the 1940s era. Instructions to knit three cardigans for baby. The wool used for all the three cardigans was Bairns-Wear Lambs Wool or Baby 3 ply. The three designs have all been named as: 'Geni" (top right photo) One siz...
Bairnswear 1279
Reference: 1892
Vintage knitting pattern, Baby/Toddlers Sun Suit, 1 size: 1-2 years of age. 3 ply yarn Circa 1940s
Bairnswear 1315
Reference: 1894
Vintage knitting pattern, Mittens & Bootees for Baby, 2 ply & 3 ply yarn This is a very old vintage pattern and is in fairly decent condition for its age. Circa 1940s
Bairnswear 1334
Reference: 1896
Vintage knitting pattern, Toddlers Two Jersey Suits, 18 months - 2 years 3 ply yarn This is a very old pattern in vintage condition, with a deep fold down the middle, creasing and other small folds. Circa 1940s
Bairnswear 134
Reference: 1888
Vintage knitting pattern, Outdoor Set for 1 to 2 years of age. 4 ply yarn, This is a very old pattern with deep folds across and down. The spine has started to split and one of the pages has knitters notes in pencil down the margin. Circa 1940s
This original pattern leaflet is from the 1940s era. Instructions to knit three Hug-Me-Tights in 1 size to fit 18/20" underarm. Three different designs: "Poupee" to fit 18/20" underarm and length 6.5" from shoulder. (2nd photo down on the left). Knit using 2 ply wool with a tensio...
Bairnswear 1393
Reference: 2581
A vintage knitting pattern for baby or toddlers Outdoor Sets, with two coats, leggings, helmet and bonnet suitable to fit from 9 - 18 months, to be made using a double knitting yarn. Suit shown on the model: to fit 21" width at underarm with a tension of 4.75" to 1" Second suit sh...
Bairnswear 1397
Reference: 1574
Vintage knitting pattern, Baby's Cardigans One size to fit: 19/20" width at underarm Original yarn: 2 ply with tension of 7.5 sts to 1" for the short sleeve cardigan and 8 sts to 1" for the long sleeve cardigan. The pattern has been folded across the middle. Circa 1940s
Bairnswear 1498
Reference: 1576
Vintage knitting pattern, Cardigans for Babies 1 - 2 years Original yarn was Bairnswear Baby Wool 3 ply with a tension of 7.5 sts to 1" Blue Cardigan: 1 size-22" width at underarm. Pink Cardigan: 1 size-21" width at underarm. Lemon Cardigan: 1 size-22" width at u...
Bairnswear 1589
Reference: 1898
Vintage knitting pattern, Matinee Coat, Bonnet, Mittens & Bootees, 2 sizes 17/18", 19/20" chest Double Knitting yarn
Bairnswear 1666
Reference: 1899
Vintage knitting pattern, Pram Set, 1 size: 20" chest Double Knitting yarn, Circa 1960s
Bairnswear 1696
Reference: 1900
Vintage knitting pattern, Pram Set including Coat, Leggings, Beret & Mittens, To fit 20" chest Double Knitting yarn will be needed. Circa 1950s
Bairnswear 1741
Reference: 1901
Vintage knitting pattern, Sweater & Shorts Set for Baby, 2 sizes: 19/20", 21/22" chest Double Knitting yarn will be needed to knit these items. Circa 1950/60s
Bairnswear 51
Reference: 1882
Vintage knitting pattern, Matinee Coats, 3 - 9 months, All are 19" width round underarm, apart from the top small photo which is 21" width round underarm. The original yarn was Shetland Wool with a tension of 7sts to 1". The only different tension is the 21" chest matinee and the p...
Bairnswear 57
Reference: 1884
Vintage knitting pattern, Underwear for baby, including Petticoat, Vest, Bodice, Pilch for the 1st year. 2 ply & 3 ply yarn needed This is a very old pattern in vintage condition, with lots of creasing, small tears, dog ears, and the spine has started to split. The ins...
Bellmans 1148
Reference: 1906
Vintage knitting pattern, Matinee Coat, Dress, Bonnet, Bootees, 1 size: 18" chest Original yarn 3 ply, Work a tension piece for success. Circa 1960s
Bellmans 434
Reference: 1903
Vintage knitting pattern, Sweater & Cardigan for Baby, 19", 21", 23" chest 4 ply yarn The pattern has some creasing and general signs of age. Circa 1960s