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Crochet Granny Square Sun Hat

Posted on 17th August, 2021

Cotton Granny Square Hat - Toddler/Child Size. 








I have recently crocheted this little sun hat for my 2 year old granddaughter and a second hat to fit my 7 year old granddaughter.  The pattern is free on the Hobbycraft website under the Ideas section. Its available to make in three sizes: Adult, Children, Toddler.


The crochet instructions are by: sewing_the_seeds_of_love.


You will need Knitcraft 'Its Only Natural' DK yarn. It's 100% organic cotton yarn.

They are very quick to make, it probably took me a couple of nights to complete each hat and they look very cute. 





Posted on 23rd April, 2019



1940s era Cami-Knickers knitted in 2 ply and to fit 32" bust.  Tension given is 8 sts to 1" and 19 rows to 2" in depth.


A fair bit of patience would be needed to make these, but how elegant.

Angel Tops for Baby to Knit or Crochet

Posted on 10th April, 2019

Angel Tops for Baby


A vintage pattern with instructions to make Angel Tops for Baby to Knit or Crochet.


Three sizes to fit 16", 18", 20" chest.


4 ply yarn is used for both of the tops.


If you would like to buy the PDF of this pattern follow the link to my shop Nostalgia Patterns on Etsy.  You will be able to download the file after payment. 


Also if you prefer the original pattern leaflet it is for sale here on The Pattern Parlour.



Bairnswear 1264, Three Baby Cardigans

Posted on 7th April, 2019

Bairnswear 1264 Vintage Baby Knitting Pattern


A really sweet vintage knitting pattern from the early 1940s era.  The cover price is 3d, this is the original UK Sterling. 


Instructions to knit three baby cardigans, all individually named as "Geni" which is the double breasted cardigan shown in the top right photo.  There's also "Faun", the v-neck cardigan with doggy motif and then finally the main photo is named as "Leprechaun" and is a lovely textured cross over cardigan.


The original yarn used to make all three of the cardigans was Bairns-Wear Lambs Wool or Baby Wool 3 ply.


If you would like further details you can follow the link to Nostalgia Patterns my shop on Etsy or if you prefer the original vintage leaflet follow the link back to this site to purchase.

Bairnswear 1379 - Three Baby Hug-Me-Tights

Posted on 4th April, 2019

Bairnswear 1379 - Three Baby Hug-Me-TightsA very cute vintage knitting pattern from the 1940s era, with knitting instructions to make 3 Hug-Me-Tights for Baby.


They are all in one size to fit 18/20" chest.


"Poupee" - (2nd photo down on left side) Made using a 2 ply Shetland Wool, knitting to a tension of 8 sts to 1".


"Baba" - (Top photo on left). This was made with Bairns-Wear Sweet Briar Lustre 3 ply Wool, and tension of 7 sts to 1".


"Bambino" - (Main photo of baby wearing it). This was made using Bairns-Wear Lambs Wool 3 ply, and a tension of 8 sts to 1".


The cover price is 3d.

The original pattern has been folded at some time, but apart from that the leaflet is in a fairly good and clean condition for its age. 


The original leaflet is for sale on The Pattern Parlour 


A PDF of the leaflet is also for sale on Nostalgia Patterns, which is my shop on Etsy. You can download the pattern from there. 


Bestway 1005

Bestway 1005 Vintage 1940s Knitting Pattern for a Ladies Twin Set.


A very pretty twin set with short sleeve jumper and vee neck cardigan with a simple ribbing and yoke effect.


It was made using a 3 ply yarn, with a tension over the ribbing of 9 sts and 10 rows to 1", using No. 10 (3.25mm) needles.


If you would like to buy a PDF of this vintage pattern you can follow the link to my shop on Etsy, Nostalgia Patterns where you can download it.








Penelope 1731 Cardigan with Lace Yoke


Vintage Knitting Pattern - Penelope 1731. Not too sure of the date of publication but the cover price is 4d and the style of hair on the model, would make me assume its from the late 1950s era.


Originally made using a 'Fleckspun' 4 ply yarn and knitting to a tension of 13 sts = 2".

Three sizes to choose from: to fit bust 34", 36", 38".

Needles used: 1 pair of No. 10 (3.25mm) and 1 pair of no. 9 (3.75mm).


If you would like to purchase a PDF version of this cardigan, follow the link to my shop Nostalgia Patterns on Etsy. 




  I have sold quite a few of these magazines recently to a lovely lady in the USA and this has got me thinking about them and what the crafters of yesteryear had at their disposal.   They have been tucked away in storage and never really looked at until now but this was a monthly magazine for machine knitters, in particular aimed for the Knitmaster knitting machine owners. This one is dated June 1957 and it has 32 pages in black and white, with only the front and back covers in colour. Its packed full of patterns, editorials and interesting features - readers letters and tips, cookery, fashion and beauty, embroidery and even your monthly horoscope plus some very nostalgic advertisements.

I should imagine that the knitters of 1950's would wait with 'excitement' each month for this to appear on the newsagents shelf, just as we do now.  But the difference now is that we have everything at our disposal instantly, and perhaps we can't even relate to how the times used to be back then.  If you are interested in purchasing any of my remaining stock, please click HERE they are only £1.00 GBP.



Look at the gorgeous fashions for 1957!!  I do remember my lovely Mum wearing similar styles, very glamorous.♥♥




  • Bestway 897
  • Lady's Jumper & Cardigan Twin Set in Ribbing & Cables.
  • 1 size - 32/33" bust.
  • Original yarn - Greenock Super Fingering 3 ply.
  • Tension - 8.5 sts to 1".
  • The original price of 3d on the cover, dates this pattern from the early 1940s era.

If you would like a PDF copy of this 1940s pattern, contact me here.  It will be only £1.50 and you will receive it via your email address.