Modern Knitting - The Monthly Magazine for Machine Knitters - June 1957

Posted on 1st March, 2017


  I have sold quite a few of these magazines recently to a lovely lady in the USA and this has got me thinking about them and what the crafters of yesteryear had at their disposal.   They have been tucked away in storage and never really looked at until now but this was a monthly magazine for machine knitters, in particular aimed for the Knitmaster knitting machine owners. This one is dated June 1957 and it has 32 pages in black and white, with only the front and back covers in colour. Its packed full of patterns, editorials and interesting features - readers letters and tips, cookery, fashion and beauty, embroidery and even your monthly horoscope plus some very nostalgic advertisements.

I should imagine that the knitters of 1950's would wait with 'excitement' each month for this to appear on the newsagents shelf, just as we do now.  But the difference now is that we have everything at our disposal instantly, and perhaps we can't even relate to how the times used to be back then.  If you are interested in purchasing any of my remaining stock, please click HERE they are only £1.00 GBP.



Look at the gorgeous fashions for 1957!!  I do remember my lovely Mum wearing similar styles, very glamorous.♥♥



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